Live Your Magic – 2 Day Signature Adventure

Live Your Magic – 2 Day Signature Adventure

Are you ready for an experiential workshop where you clear what’s in the way of LIVING your magic Every. Damn. Day?

Join Megan for a true adventure; a romp into possibilities and magic (in a city near you)!


  • Aug. 25th – 27th – Bozeman, MT  – Register HERE

  • Sept. 15th – 17th – Bellingham, WA – Register HERE

  • Oct. 13th – 15th – Toronto, ON, Canada – Register HERE

  • This workshop is NOT about convincing you that magic is real … although we all require affirmation and a safe space to talk about the weird and wonderful surrounding us and IN us.

  • This workshop is NOT necessarily about unveiling your magic … although you will certainly open up to more of your capacities. (I mean come on, you can’t be in a room with Megan for more than a few minutes before your talents, gifts and capacities start to unveil themselves!)

  • This workshop is NOT for folks who secretly don’t want change … cause radical transformation is what Megan’s all about … Yo!

  • This workshop is for YOU, the energy mage, the magical healer, the seer, the weird one who KNOWS your magic and yet … you haven’t been able to actualize that magic into the money you desire.

  • This workshop is for YOU if you desire to create, dream, live, eat, breathe, and exponentialize your MAGIC to truly create your dream life.