The one that knows there is more to life …

Like magic, miracles, & things beyond this reality that your cognitive mind could never grasp …

But you as the infinite being in all your wonderment … you just know.

What if there was a space to grow this knowing?
A space of total freedom to be YOU?
A space where your capacities would be unveiled and turned up?

This space is LIVE YOUR MAGIC.

And this is your invitation to wipe away all your past limitations and access your magic organically.

Look Forward to:

  • Activating Your Potency
  • Experiencing the Magic Carpet Ride and Escaping this Right or Wrong Reality
  • Playfully connecting with the Magic of YOU
  • Being changed cellularly by Megan’s signature Molecular Infusion process.
  • Transcending what You Are Calling Problems
  • Going into the Heart of the Dragon to access the Purity of You and Your Creations

In this 2.5 day class you will not only access your MAGIC but you will experience a space of no judgement that allows you to TURN UP your capacities and go to places beyond where you have ever dared to go.


Are you ready for an experiential workshop where you clear what’s in the way of living your magic
Every. Damn. Day?

In this 2.5 day class you will not only access your MAGIC but you will experience a space of no judgement that allows you to TURN UP your capacities and go to places beyond where you have ever dared to go.


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What participants are saying about LIVE YOUR MAGIC:

“Experiencing Live Your Magic was like coming home to myself. Empowering. Remembering I get to live a life where I feel safe to choose. Vulnerability is my super power. I am my own authority. I own my own power. I am magic. I am a creator. I am powerful. I choose presence. Megan helps facilitate that magic, love and safety within. Rebuilding on my foundation and continuing to create that comfortable space to Just Be, true authentic me.

– Laci W., Live Your Magic, St. George Utah participant

“I am a Wordy Wordsmith, so I always have words. Ten days later, following the close of Live Your Magic, St George 2022, I am STILL unable to find words to encapsulate what I experienced there. One of the most powerfully transformational experiences of fully embodying my own capacities and being in a room of people who just. got. me. without any need from me to explain what the hell I am?! Yeah. Without words. Still!

– Angie M., Live Your Magic, St. George Utah participant

“Live Your Magic and Megan Sillito are a gift. The experience of being in a space where I feel safe to be vulnerable and to be the Magic and Joy I be, to be in a space with beings who seek to hold one another in allowance and joy, letting judgement fall away for what ever we have doubted about our selves and each other is a gift and magic.

Live Your Magic has strengthened my KNOWING that I AM JOY, THAT I AM! 

Only choose this if you have a willingness for at least 1% MORE of you!
– Victoria Oestmann., Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

Live Your Magic created the chance to step outside of the social norms and express myself without judgement in a safe, energetic and dynamic environment. At the time, I was fairly shut down, depressed and anti-social as I felt the universe was conspiring to emotionally take me out.

The playful LYM interactions that Megan has designed for the event totally pulled me out of my self-absorbed condition. Her ability to read people is exceptional. And then, with compassion, understanding, a laser-like focus and fun, she was able to help me shift out of the emotional rabbit hole I had dug. All the while, working her magic with each participant in the group.

It’s amazing how LYM is designed for individual growth in a group setting. It felt as if I was receiving one on one attention in a room with 22 other people who were probably having a very similar experience.

I am forever grateful to Megan for being instrumental in turning my life around.”
– Tim Holman, Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

“Megan helped me to redirect and transmute the megatons of energy that I was using to perpetuate painful repeated patterns and limiting points of view into a communion with creation. I feel exuberantly liberated!
– Lara Jeffries, Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

“LYM gave me the opportunity to explore different and hidden sides of me and, through this, gave me a space that allowed me the freedom to be Amazing.
– Israel A., Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

“Megan is a breath of fresh air for me, because she speaks about energy and magic work in a way I've never heard. Working in a linear-thinking job, I had always kept my “woo-woo” magic out of my work environment. At LYM I realized it they don’t need to be separated - I can play with what's in front of me and follow the energy
instead of the forcing that sometimes happens in creating a Business Identity, and that's given me so much freedom and helped me realize the value of my playful side.

In a nutshell, my biggest takeaway from LYM is to follow the play because, within it, is the magic that supports my life.
– Penny B., Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

“I walked out of Live Your Magic with more confidence, more swagger, more Me.  Megan has a way of tapping into the essence of a person, of the group, and empowering each individual to cultivate their own personal way of being. Being more me has dramatically improved my life.

In LYM Lava, more transformation in the first few hours than I've seen in other workshops after three days.”
– Mary Baird., Live Your Magic, Lava Hot Springs participant

“I've always been comfortable contributing to life from "behind the scenes." I've had a fear to show myself to others. It was at Live Your Magic that I stepped through the fear and let more of myself be seen--the parts that were "too much" and maybe weird--and it felt so liberating! Ever since the event, I've allowed myself to be seen in more ways and in more situations and found new confidence I didn't have before.”
– Liz Clyde., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

"Participating in Megan Sillito’s Live Your Magic class was one of the absolute best classes I have ever taken.

I was blown away with how Megan connected with each participant on such a personal level and impacted each of us so significantly. This, I knew I needed to bring to my hometown, my tribe, and create a Live Your Magic community in Toronto Canada. The combination of play, deep somatic change, and healing in bodies that scrambles your brain insight and awareness … is truly a one of a kind experience.

I have been on a life long journey of learning, take my advice, say yes now! Sign up immediately and get ready for the ride of your life!"
- Christine M., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

“Nothing I have ever done before has created the amount of change that your workshop did for me. You surpassed Gary, and Dain by a thousand fold, and the world needs to experience your magic.”
– Alejandra C., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

“The most powerful thing I walked away with for me, was understanding that MY magic is undefinable and that I have been trying to define it for others my whole life! Now I get to choose to live in it and not to worry about what it looks like to others. I can BE myself and BE my magic and BE ok with that. How did I get so lucky?!! Megan is an amazing facilitator, bringing many gifts to the class, including laughter, play and a belief that you are not limited and is asking you, “Is now the time to choose you?”
- Shakti C., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

“This is the only event in the world where so magicians are coming together and actually creating magic to change the whole planet. We are all doing it in our own little pockets all over the world but when you get everyone together then you get this exponentialization of the progress.”
- Joke T., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

“I like the chaos she opens, cause I’m really chaotic as well and I’ve always made that really wrong and now it’s not wrong anymore and I can play.”
- Elfy, Live Your Magic, Maui participant

"Megan helped me to redirect and transmute the megatons of energy that I was using to perpetuate painful repeated patterns and limiting points of view into a communion with creation. I feel exuberantly liberated!

I walked into day 1 of Live Your Magic only knowing what I didn't want anymore and unable to see or perceive past that. The pain had caged me like a canary in a dark mineshaft, merely counting my days until I fell. Within the first few hours of arriving to 'class' I felt a connection to people, life and myself beyond what I was previously capable of. By the last day I had experienced freedom beyond what I could possibly imagine before. My capacity to receive has magnified exponentially on par with the cosmos. The friendships I have formed in such a short time are profoundly loving, empowering, delightfully vulnerable and free. I can't wait to attend another Live Your Magic!"
- Brooke Simpson, Live Your Magic, Bellingham participant

"Live Your Magic, for me, was life-altering; a complete game-changer. Every time (I’ve done three – and counting...) I was able to tap into gifts and abilities I didn't even know!

Megan has a way of zeroing in on what an individual has going on and extrapolating that in a way in which that particular thing will contribute the most to the whole group. Honestly it's a beautiful thing to behold, and it creates a leapfrog effect that allows everyone to grow in leaps and bounds off everyone else's Moments.

Seriously, if you get the chance to do a Live Your Magic, DON'T HESITATE - it will change your whole reality!”
- Marian G., Live Your Magic, Maui participant