Where primal energy becomes form

Most money advice tells you if  you want to change your money you must contract, go on budgets and spend less. They tell you to be consistent, take massive action, and accumulate little by little.


But what if YOUR key to wealth is the opposite of all of that?


In Wild Wealth we explode the myth of restriction and contraction and teach you how to go deep inside YOU to the most expansive, primal, powerful, YOU. 


We help you activate your chaos, the BIG energy (perhaps the energy you judge or that might even feel dangerous) that will exponentially expand your money flows.


  We then support you in directing and pooling this over-abundance to create true WEALTH!


In this course we will toggle between the Quantum Field and 3D Reality to create and build wealth YOUR way !

Just like in Nature, learn to Access and harness YOUR wild energy into form.  Create the Banks to Your River of Wealth!



  • Your Investment:¬† $650 (Payment Plan Avail)

  • 10 Zooms (Dates/Times Below) from April 2nd - May 28th¬†

  • 75-90 Min Zoom Calls¬†

  • Two World Class Facilitators w/ a combined 40 Years of Coaching Experience: Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer.

  • Private Telegram Group for Extra Support and Community Connection.

  • Bonus Worksheets, Templates & Resources.


Learn YOUR Soul Organizing Principle to Magnetize Abundance 


Synergize your Wild Feminine and Focused Masculine with Money


Slough off the layers of NOT YOU (the trauma, beliefs and wounding) that has kept you in lack



Embrace and Embody your Wild Self and Flourish



Activate and Engage your DIVINE blueprint for Wealth 


Learn to easily Accumulate/Direct/Invest Money YOUR way


Wild Wealth is for folks like you who:

  • Know deep down you need to let go of working hard, control, and contraction around money and open to the wild, primal power that is your lifeforce and generator of True Wealth.¬† ¬†

  • Are ready to double down on the MAGIC that is you!


  • Are ready to move beyond trauma, wounding, and fear around money and into CHOICE, power, and impact.

  • Know deep down that the old system, ascetic formulas, and protocols don't work for you.

  • Are ready to uplevel your HAVING; your ability to Harness money into avenues that create long lasting WEALTH.


Zoom Dates and Times

We will have 10 Zoom calls over 8 weeks.  We will alternate between Tuesday evenings and Sundays afternoons. 

Please show up LIVE to ensure the most transformation.  However, all Zoom calls will be recorded and available within 24 hours.   




  • April 2nd 6 pm MST/8 pm EST¬†

  • April 9th¬† 6 pm MST/8 pm EST

  • April 16th 6 pm MST/8 pm EST

  • April 30th 6 pm MST/8 pm EST

  • May 14th 6 pm MST/8 pm EST¬†

  • May 28th 6 pm MST/8 pm EST



  • April 7th 1 pm MST/3 pm EST

  • April 21st 1 pm MST/3 pm EST

  • May 5th 1 pm MST/3 pm EST

  • May 19th 1 pm MST/3 pm EST


Pay in FULL today ($650) and receive your unique Soul Money Map from Suzanne Stauffer

(Value $250)

for Free!


*Don't know what a Soul Money Map is? *


Hi, we are Megan and Suzanne, and this is what you need to know about us: 


We DIG money.  We've taught ALL things money for over 15 years and have launched dozens of successful money programs. More than that, we have changed hundreds of people's money stories, some increasing their income 20 times.  

Megan has a unique capacity when it comes to the energy of money.  She channels the consciousness of money with almost eery accuracy and insight, reflecting a person's true relationship to money.  She is an expert when it comes to creation and manifestation having studied money consciousness and principles for over 20 years

It's one thing to teach, but it's another thing entirely to practice what you preach.  Megan has created a successful Six-figure and multiple six figure business for 28 years; beginning when Rapid Eye therapy and being a coach was revolutionary.  

Suzanne comes from an entirely different background, graduating college with an Accounting degree.  Auditing, taxes, and money management was her jam until she left the corporate world and started coaching entrepreneurs on how to create more money and to better manage their money.  

In the last twelve years, she's turned to the esoteric, tapping the dynamic tool of the Akashic Records, reading for thousands of folks around their soul purpose, how to monetize their soul purpose, and what curses and constructs are in the way of creating the money they dream of.     

Turns out, we aren't made to create and manifest money the same as anyone else and together, Megan and Suzanne are on a mission to mobilize and empower YOU to create wealth YOUR way!  

 I'm a YES to Wild Wealth !

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