Hello, I'm Megan Sillito.


Change maker, international speaker, author, workshop leader, and, the secret ingredient for success for many influencers and self-made millionaires.

Megan's Story

Growing up on her family farm in Canada, Megan soon discovered she had quite a different perspective on life - to her, it was supposed to be fun and, as soon as she was able, she went out into the world to search for ways to make it so.

Being an innate explorer and experimenter, almost 30 years ago Megan began sticking her finger in every magical, energetic and metaphysical pie she found, building an unprecedented toolbox that has allowed her to create the fun, ease-filled life she always knew was possible - and she's still adding to it.

From REM to Tapping, to Access Consciousness, to Energetic Alchemy, Megan has pretty much done it all, going as far as developing her own tools for creating your personal dream life.

Megan's gift of truly seeing people enables her to create tailor-made facilitations and processes that work, all in a safe, judgment-free space, filled with allowance for your true Self and the invitation and encouragement to always turn the magic and potency on and up.


Meet the "Squad"

Brandy Nasi

Online Business Manager

Brandy has over 20 years of experience as an IT consultant, systems analyst and project manager. She can be found working hard behind-the-scenes to manage all the day-to-day details. 

Brandy is an organizer. To-do lists and deadlines make her happy. She loves geeking out and learning new online tools and software.

Being detailed-oriented she loves developing systems and standard operating procedures as well as analyzing all the metrics data, it's how her brain works.

Brandy is a proud single mother of two kids. And when she isn't running Megan's business for her, free time is spent with them trying new restaurants, walking new trails and traveling to new places.

Marian Gutierrez

The Oracle

Marian is not your average witch. She has been playing with magic since before she knew what the heck she was doing. 

There is something about Marian that is very non-judgmental and just in allowance of everyone. It's  a big part of Marian's "mission" here - if there is such a thing as a mission.

If there is one thing that Marian knows about, it's fighting nail, tooth and claw to be yourself, and she always seems to bring people to a space where they can see it doesn't have to be that hard.


Magic 'AF' Cat


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