Have you ever attended a transformational event, a workshop, did a powerful medicine journey, went to Burning Man or a meditation retreat...

And experienced a YOU that was SO much bigger, brighter and more powerful than you ever even imagined...

Maybe you connected to source in a way you never had before, tapped an expansiveness and oneness with yourself and others that left you in awe.

Deep down, you felt different; hopeful, inspired, embodied, connected.  

Now fast forward a few weeks, a few months, maybe sometimes just a few days...

When "life happened"...you landed right back into your "old" life, attempting to integrate the BIG energetic shifts, have the necessary conversations with loved ones, and forge new action steps that were long overdue.  

Maybe some of you have heard that the event/ceremony/retreat is 10% of the work, and the other 90% is how you show up for yourself in the aftermath.

Having attended and facilitated HUNDREDS of events, I know for sure that when the energy dissipates, our inspiration cools, and the "real work" is required...

THAT is the time when more support is needed.  

Sadly, that is often when you find yourself the most on your own.

That's why I've created:

Actualize: Create Lasting Change

21 days to Integrate.  Trace the change you received into your real life!  Get the support you need so you can sustain the change.  

Here's what's included in the 21 days:  



21 days of daily content to CLEAR the muck, CULTIVATE and CREATE the new.

Powerful guided meditations, journal prompts, & clearing techniques you can do in 20 min or less to deepen your integration.


Truly Integrate and Actualize the Changes in YOUR life!


Clear your Old Identity/Reference Points. Let go of the old addictive behaviors.



Foster the mindset required for long-term success



Experience any setbacks as a setup to Succeed (not fail). Anticipate what's required! 



Make lasting change easier by learning Key body processes 


The Nuts and Bolts:

- Two Live Zoom Calls (recorded)

- 21 Days dripped Online Content (Forever Accessible)

- Cutting edge Energy tools, Mindset practices, and Body processes 


What are you waiting for?


Get what you came for...your transformation actualized !!

Price: $500 USD

Event Price: $300 USD

Yes, I'm In!