Live Your Magic Testimonials

From Live Your Magic ~ Toronto

"This weekend has been one for the books. It has transformed my being. The energy awakening I have experienced, and the confidence I left with are truly astonishing. I did not want it to end. I am honored to witness the transformation of everyone there, even the ones that have attended before. At one point my heart energy felt like the Grinch’s (from the movie) at the time that his heart grew 10 times+. Now I feel like there are no limits. Megan is an amazing locksmith to magic. I believe she can unlock your magic too."

LYM - Dallas

"Every adventure starts with a “yes”! That’s what I read just before choosing Megan’s “Live your Magic” for the second time. And WOW!! It’s not only magical, but it’s potent as h#$@! WARNING: This class is not for the light-headed, or queasy! LOL! Talk about spinning your reality around! Do you want to step into the vortex? I was able to step into a BOOMING Vortex. MY booming vortex. And I’m creating. I’m creating from a fun and exciting place. This workshop reminded me of what it feels like to be excited; to go beyond feelings and emotions and actually perceive life in my veins, in my cells, in my molecules. Every atom in my body is vibrating so high, it’s surreal. This is living in my magic! And it doesn’t end there. I get continuous reminders to keep choosing my Magic?! How does it get better?! I am ready! Thank you, Megan. And thanks to all the beautiful Wizards and Magicians that participated. In awe and gratitude,"

LYM ~ Dallas

"The great thing about Megan’s class is don’t have to believe in magic it for it to work because she’ll just pull it out of you. And the next thing you know you’re riding on the magic carpet with her. Then some where along the way you just start flying without the need of the magic carpet because the magic is just flowing out of you."


"Tears … Laughter … Love … Fun … FlashDance! A Freakin Blast! Just a few of a zillion possible words to describe this amazing wild and crazy experience called Live Your Magic. If you are on a spiritual quest (or even if you’re not) and have yet to experience Live Your Magic, it is life transformational! Just f-ing do it!! You will never be the same. I will never be the same! I am deeply grateful for Megan and her incredible adventures and witty gifts she shares with class. Oh and the places you will go! "

LYM ~ Dallas

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