Are you ready to clear your lack consciousness?

Everyone of us who still holds the lack vibration is keeping that limitation going in every area of our lives and on this planet.

How do you know you’re running lack consciousness?

➡ Money is feast or famine, and often just barely enough.
➡ You’re constantly looking for outside validation that you’re enough just as you are.
➡ You worry (a lot) about the future.
➡ You put off buying things you know would make your life mo’ better
➡ You look at your life and immediately see what’s not working.

If you freed even 3% of your lack consciousness, what would show up differently in your world? And how many others would get freed up because you choose more?

Clear Your Lack Now is a potent live recorded call series that tackles your lack consciousness and the lack on the planet. Together, let’s make a demand to change this. I threw in “every modality you can think of including the kitchen sink if I have to” at this gnarly implant/lie that we’ve bought in to for far too long.

Are you ready to make a demand to clear lack?

"In this two-part series, Megan has brought about what I once would have said was impossible. In Clear Your Lack, she has taken the very fabric of lack and unwoven it in such a way that anyone who receives that energy would have to be insanely stubborn in order to create lack consciousness in their realities again.
By the same token, during Live Prosperously, she has taken new threads and woven with us a new reality where lack simply has no bearing or even space. She has used all of her considerable knowing and knowledge to weave a beautiful pattern of abundance and possibilities that this reality has never seen before, so that anyone partaking of this receives an energetic upgrade that enables them to see the cornucopia of possibilities not only in their own lives, but in the world in general. Truly something that will change lives."

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Video & Audio Recordings of both calls:
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