Meet Megan

Meet Megan

Megans bio picMegan Sillito, CFMW

For over 20 years, Megan Sillito, has masterfully facilitated deep transformation in individuals and groups from all walks of life; from entrepreneurs to artists and housewives to NASA engineers. Like a court jester, she has creatively led thousands to reach beyond their limiting beliefs of what is possible, to claim their “having it all”, ridiculous life. She is an international speaker and group facilitator. People coming our of Megan’s events often say they were having so much they didn’t realize that their whole life had changed.

Megan, was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but grew up on a farm in northern Alberta Canada. She is the baby of 14, and also the oldest of 6. Her unusual beginning and life experiences have led her on a weird journey to discover herself and the universe, cheering on others along her path to do the same.

A lifelong student of universal wisdom, she has more than quadrupled Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” studying and incorporating dozens of modalities in mind, body, and spirit resulting in a vast toolbox at the ready to launch the inspired client to experience themselves in an entirely new light and create lucrative businesses and lives full of adventure, creativity, and play. You would have to truly be committed to stay the status quo to not consider greater possibilities while in her presence.

Megan has created hundreds of workshops and programs. Some of her signature programs currently are Live Your Magic, Weird Leadership, Weird Business, Magic School and Play Your Way to Money, an eclectic mix of offerings that highlights Megan’s diverse passions and talents.

With her partner in life and business Suzanne Stauffer, they are launching the Weird Revolution, a movement of people who are claiming and utilizing their unique super powers to create a new world. They have a weekly internet radio show & podcast “Love, Life and all Things Weird.” You can find more about the Weird Revolution and offerings at