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Have you had many lives inside of this life?

Do you look and feel very different to yourself and others at different times?

Have you used this power against yourself, getting scattered, and having mixed results in the art of manifestation?
At times feeling very 
potent and strong and at others feeling helpless, weak, and even pathetic?

Do you have a sense that there is so much more that you can be and have that you have not been able to achieve?

Is there a way of living that you would like to be and have, that you sense is available, but you have not known how to access?

In moments of exuberance or in the quiet, do you get whispers of possibilities that seem elusive to you in your day-to-day living?

Do you see yourself as something more but know you haven’t even begun to touch what’s possible for you?

Do you know there is a YOU that can be and choose anything?

Is it time to see what you are truly capable of?

Most programs and coaching address the “how to” but do not give you access to the POWER OF YOUR BEING!

Do you struggle with the structures being taught in this reality for how you should create and be?
You’d like to change your body, and diet and 
exercise don’t really work?
You’d like to build your business and what 
seems to work for everyone doesn’t work for you?
You are looking to 
make more money but this reality’s systems just don’t cut it for you?
And yet you just KNOW something else is possible?

We all have a power in us that is waiting to be unleashed that no external system can even touch.

If you have not developed your power, you will not be able to leverage even simple systems.

You could have the most powerful system in the world and, if you aren’t connected to your power, you will get very little traction on anything.

What if you are too big for any system that you have been trying to follow, and you’re not wrong for not being able to make it work?

The Shapeshifter Program an exploration of the power you have accumulated through eons of time; a way to explore the infinite capacities you have at your beckoning.

This program is for you if you know your Magic AF and it’s time to double down on Your Magic!

How will we do this? Through the practices of MAGIC, of course. Shapeshifter is a body of work filled with Magical Practices that give you access to the power you have locked away and hidden from yourself. We will be doing magical experiments that take you beyond this physical reality and into the Mystery where all things are possible! We will be activating your capacities to direct the molecules and elements of all creation!

Are you willing to be as powerful as you have not wanted to know you are?

Shapeshifter is beyond anything you have ever done to grow yourself. It's a modern-day mystery school that will help you go beyond the casual creation tools of this reality and gain access to your True Power of Creation.

In this course we will activate your inner and outer Shapeshifter more fully and practice using those capacities to access the power to change reality.

Your greatest mentors and heroes have been pointing you in this direction… but what if they have only been able to show you a very small percentage of what you are capable of?

Is it time to find out for yourself what you are truly capable of?

We will look at the places where you believe yourself weak and liberate that energy into the potency it has always been meant for. You have hidden magic in some tricky places, my friend.

Join me on the adventure of a lifetime, YOUR POWER! A journey of a lifetime.

Would you be willing to give 8 Weeks to see what else is possible for you?

Be brave, be you! CHOOSE!


2 energetic processes to activate your ability to commune with the molecules of creation!

 (8) 90 minute Live recordings of zooms, clearings and activations. All content is stored in Kajabi (my online platform) where you will have lifetime access.






$255 upon purchase


Different Shapes of Megan


Megan Sillito

Growing up on her family farm in Canada, Megan soon discovered she had quite a different perspective on life - to her, it was supposed to be fun and, as soon as she was able, she went out into the world to search for ways to make it so.

Being an innate explorer and experimenter, almost 30 years ago Megan began sticking her finger in every magical, energetic and metaphysical pie she found, building an unprecedented toolbox that has allowed her to create the fun, ease-filled life she always knew was possible - and she's still adding to it.

From REM to Tapping, to Access Consciousness, to Energetic Alchemy, Megan has pretty much done it all, going as far as developing her own tools for creating your personal dream life.

Megan's gift of truly seeing people enables her to create tailor-made facilitations and processes that work, all in a safe, judgment-free space, filled with allowance for your true Self and the invitation and encouragement to always turn the magic and potency on and up.