What is the
Movement of Creation?

It's allowing creation to move through you. Rather than 'doing' creation, why not let it 'do' you.

What if you could create more and have way more fun?

Who is it for?

✓ People who want more ease in creation

✓ People who don't like lists and think they should

✓ People who want to create their dreams

✓ People who think they procrastinate and judge themselves

In this one of a kind LIVE event you will:


1. Discover your unique creation style


2. Open up your capacity to receive money


3. Deepen your ability to allow creation to “Do You”


4. Experience a space of being that you can live and create in


5. Delete everywhere you have separated from money


6. Experience communion and oneness where you will feel the connectedness of creation and money and your contribution


7. Have an F’n good time


When: Friday, May 13th
7:00 PM-10:00 PM and
Saturday, May 14th 10:30 AM-5:30 PM

Where: 7701 Stacy Road, Suite 800
McKinney, TX 75070

Full Price: ($595)

→ Early Bird Special $440 


Bring: Water bottle, comfortable clothes and a willingness to have a good time, oh and change your life in big and cool ways!

One more thing!

By registering today, you will also receive the 11 day online follow up program, 'The Art of Moving Idea into Form' where you will take what you learn in the 2 day and bring an idea into form.

Movement of Creation LIVE Event + The Art of Moving Idea into Form Online Program

$440 USD



Megan Sillito, CFMW

Megan has launched thousands of people to create meaningful, creative, and lucrative lives and businesses. She organically ignites people’s talents and genius and helps them see where these gifts can engage the world in a profitable way, doing it their way, based on their unique skill set! Using universal principles and her own magic, she playfully introduces you to your “own” map to successful creation and then catalyzes you to turn up the potency required to follow it.

She runs her own global transformation based company. Her signature event Live Your Magic has been in 8 cities and 4 countries. Her favorite pastime is having deep conversations with world changers. She has created hundreds of live and online programs on a wide range of topics, leadership, happiness, prosperity, creativity, organic work flow, and creating conscious business your way!

"At first, Movement of Creation definitely seemed out of my comfort zone but, being on a quest to grow, I knew that getting out of the comfort zone was a must to move the dial. So I leaned in, skeptically hopeful...and was blown away!

Megan challenged my old thinking and patterns in an environment where I wasn't afraid to change, making it feel natural, fun and safe, turning my nervousness of attending these events into excitement - now I'm looking forward to the next one!

Megan, you're amazing!"

Phil Ellsworth
Business Owner/Entrepreneur

"Have you ever felt super stuck, like you can't move forward... you have all these ideas in your head but you can never get them into reality?

The Movement of Creation is actually communing and communicating with your own sources of creation, discovering and learning how it is that you create and your special brand of creativity; it also helps uncover those things that only you can do and only you can bring into the world. It's like nothing I've ever experience because, yes, it's self-help and learning new things about yourself, but it's also play and so much fun.

Megan has the uncanny ability to see the requirements of the people in the room and just pull that in to help facilitate the class."

Mary Baird


"This class was so much more than I expected, as is usual with Megan, hehe... It was amazing how, even though I was "only" doing the replay, I could perceive Megan's energetic signature activating and moving things - not only in my Universe, but also in my body. Since then, I've noticed I've been making myself wrong a lot less and have been able to dispel "It's-My-Fault"s that I've been carrying around for years, which has given me space to create more in every area of my life. A true game changer, to be quite honest - if you have a chance to take this class, do yourself a favor and don't miss it."


“At the Movement of Creation I was able to be reunited with the wholeness of me. I recognized I had been crammung my magic into this tiny box in order to “get along” in a community that wasn’t very forgiving of people who were “different”. I was reminded that my presence is HUGE and that, by only giving it private moments to live and breathe, I had - in essence - stifled my life. After the Movement of Creation came Megan’s 11-day event, The Art of Moving Idea Into Form. THIS is where I was able to take my breakthroughs from the weekend and apply the LIVING of it to my life. By being in daily practice and intentional focus, I have been able to create inspirational and intentional living in every part of my life. Whether it is checking emails, crossing off the task list, or taking a break to breathe, move and listen to my inner knowing, I am living life fuller, larger and with so much joy. If you get a chance to follow one of Megan’s events with a daily practice program of hers, DO IT! It can change your life. I know it has for me!”

Penny B.
Marketing Director, Utah