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Is it NOW?

Can you sense the Greatness in you that has yet to be fulfilled?

Do you sometimes get nervous that you might not be and do what you came here for?

Can you feel a promise that is yet unfulfilled?

Have you created some really cool things as the loan wolf you are, but you know there's so much more...and if being honest with you, you know you've gone as far as you can by yourself?

You’ve taken the classes. Studied the books, made some strides but you feel almost restless because you know there's something bigger desiring to be birthed in you?

The highest achievers have always known they create exponentially more when they gather with others of like purpose. When we come together intentionally, we engage a third, greater consciousness, which will allow new ideas and methods to birth.

Is it time to get the support YOU require to actualize your bigger dreams?

This is a 6 month Group Coaching Engagement.. you will get individual coaching and feedback from me and support from 9 other Conscious Creators to Light A Fire under your Ass and really do and BE what you came for?

We will be going deep and looking at creation from Being, Energetics and Inspired Action. It will be a sweet balance between activation of your magic, capacities and purpose with real time actions that move you forward.

  • You will choose a next-level project to launch!
  • AND, become the person required to create it successfully!
  • Become aware of the capacities required, and turn them the F up!
  • You will learn your Trim Tabs (the smallest effort actions that create big movement.)
  • You will get to be part of the Circle of Genius, where you will brainstorm with the other Firestarters and get feedback to take your success beyond what you believe possible.
  • You will learn how YOU create, and increase your ease of creation.
  • You will attune yourself to the Whispers of Creation!
  • You will be surrounded by a group of conscious creators who will not let you give up on yourself or your dream!
  • You will get group and individual coaching.
  • Have way more fun than you thought possible
  • As you know, I create processes and tools on the daily, so there will be tons more!

What if achieving your dreams was way easier and more fun than you ever imagined, and you didn’t have to do it alone?

I have 2 requirements of you if you are accepted into the program:

  1. You must commit to play full out - i.e. be vulnerable and open to feedback, and keep your agreements to take action!
  2. Play to at least 10x your investment.

For a fraction of the cost of 1-to-1 coaching, you can get a small group tailored experience that will catalyze your results.

March 17th to September 16th

You will get a 15 minute Power Up Session to begin the Journey and a 15 minute exit session to Integrate.
If you pay up front, you will also get 2 full sessions with yours truly!
(Current Value $1200)

Every Month you get:

  • 2- 90 min whole group sessions via zoom
  • 1- small group session, hot-seat individual coaching with Megan (note there will be 2 of these sessions a month and you will be on one live and the other will be recorded if you would like to watch)
  • 1-2 working sessions where you hop online and collectively hold space for each other get shit done.
  • Discounts for other LIVE programs while in session (Only for those who have paid in full.)
  • 50% Discount on all store items during the length of the program

$3900 if paid up front by March 10th
Includes: 2 full sessions with Megan ($1200 Value) plus 10-15% discount on any programs offered while you are in this coaching container.


Payment Plans Available for a higher amount and does not include extra sessions or program discounts until you have paid in full.

By Invitation or Interview Only!
You must be 
able to fulfill the financial commitments to apply!

To set up an interview:
Email me at [email protected] or text me at 801-859-2263