This year for my birthday on March 27th, I turned 57. But as most of you will attest, I must be turning 5 or 7, but definitely not 57.

I’ve always been told that I’m young at heart…and that there is a play energy I embody that’s infectious.

But lately, I’ve really been considering the energy of Joy.

And, it occurs to me, that Joy is really play with a depth and reflection that sustains it. Joy feels deeper, meatier, and rather than a flash in the pan, like play can feel, Joy sustains you when life doesn’t turn out quite like you expected.

So, tapping into my true alchemist nature, I’ve chosen to really get down and dirty with the energy of Joy. And I’m asking you to come on the ride with me.

I’m diving into 27 days of all things Joy. I’ve deemed this experiment “Joy Junkie”.

And the only real reason for this experiment, is to get you high, like soooo sooo high…on Joy.

Who wants to get high with me?

The cost of this incredible drug experience? Just 114 bucks.

Come one, come all! Let’s get high for my Birthday!

You know you wanna!



Megan has launched thousands of people to create meaningful, creative, and lucrative lives and businesses. She organically ignites people’s talents and genius and helps them see where these gifts can engage the world in a profitable way, doing it their way, based on their unique skill set! Using universal principles and her own magic, she playfully introduces you to your “own” map to successful creation and then catalyzes you to turn up the potency required to follow it.

She runs her own global transformation based company. Her signature event Live Your Magic has been in 8 cities and 4 countries. Her favorite pastime is having deep conversations with world changers. She has created hundreds of live and online programs on a wide range of topics, leadership, happiness, prosperity, creativity, organic work flow, and creating conscious business your way!

Get HIGH on JOY with me!