Live Awesome
From Here to There!


Happy in the Crack is a 30-day immersion specifically designed to teach you how to choose happy in the gap, in the space between where you are right now and where you want to truly be in your life.

Believe me, I KNOW, that in this very millisecond, there is a deep need in you to change something; maybe many things, in your life (like yesterday, pretty please!) Situations that feel uncomfortable, painful, intolerable.

And I also have known since I was a little girl playing, singing and dreaming my way through a hard luck farming childhood, that …

No matter the outside circumstances, there is a path through it where you can still choose Happy.

Your essence, the truth of who you are, includes the being-ness of happy, just because you are alive.

That, in fact, WHEN you choose Happy, it is a superpower that expedites the change you have been asking for. It sets you up for success.

And, you feel WAY better every step of the way.

Whatever your goals or targets are, the fastest way to get THERE is to be happy HERE!

Come explore what it truly takes to be Happy all along the way!

What could change in your life if you harnessed YOUR happiness superpower now?

  • Learn how to match the vibration of what you want with where you are right now, collapse time and space, and actualize what you want NOW.
  • Build your “happiness muscle” so that no matter WHAT life throws at you, you can stay present and happy through it all.
  • Raise your Happy Thermostat, change your vibration, and attract goodness you can’t comprehend into your life TODAY.
  • Ripple out the powerful vibration of Happy into our world!

What you will receive:

  • 4 Live Recorded Calls in Video, MP3 & M4A formats
  • 30 days of daily "playstations"
  • BONUS: Radical Receiving 


$169 USD