And Live-Streamed around the World

Would you like a place you could go and get infused with joy and 

A place to playfully explore with like-minded people and get tools that work to create a happy life?

Do you miss live interactions?

Could you be having more fun in your life?

Life can get a bit heavy from time to time even for the most resilient of us! We are in a time of unprecedented change and as change makers coming together is where we renew and combine our strengths to make a bigger difference!

In asked myself, “What unique gifts do I have that would bring the biggest possible positive change for people and the planet? (Don’t ask this question cause cool stuff might erupt) And this is what came.

What I’m best at? I love creating environments where people can open to possibilities, transform, play, and actualize their genius! And people have been telling me for decades that I should start a church, that my classes are what church should’ve been.

With that in mind I present to you,


We will explore everything that goes into happy including but not limited to play, choice, health, wealth, creativity, possibilities, contribution and unique ways to increase your energy and productivity.

Why Happy?

Happy people are more resilient and are a powerful force! Happy people have more access to play, creativity, wealth, and health!

Here are the Deets!
We will meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon for 2 hours during the spring and fall for 2 hours on the following dates:

Spring Class Schedule
Sunday March 20th 12-2p MDT
Sunday April 10th 1-3pm MDT
Sunday May 22nd 1-3pm MDT
Sunday June 5th 1-3pm MDT

Fall Dates TBA

Where: Alliance Theater in Salt Lake City or Live-Stream where you are!

COST: I’m giving away the farm again at $25 per class or you can get the whole spring bundle for only $75 (that’s 1 free class)



Megan has launched thousands of people to create meaningful, creative, and lucrative lives and businesses. She organically ignites people’s talents and genius and helps them see where these gifts can engage the world in a profitable way, doing it their way, based on their unique skill set! Using universal principles and her own magic, she playfully introduces you to your “own” map to successful creation and then catalyzes you to turn up the potency required to follow it.

She runs her own global transformation based company. Her signature event Live Your Magic has been in 8 cities and 4 countries. Her favorite pastime is having deep conversations with world changers. She has created hundreds of live and online programs on a wide range of topics, leadership, happiness, prosperity, creativity, organic work flow, and creating conscious business your way!

Come Get Your Monthly Happy Booster!