What possibilities for your future have you not ever considered?

Is it time to go BEYOND traditional visioning?

Have you had mixed results with the traditional New Year's goal setting and vision boards?

Would you like to have a truly engaging and fun experience, tapping new possibilities for what is possible for you in the coming year?

Consider joining me for a very different kind of New Year's Creation Process.


Energy is our first language and everything on this planet, seen and unseen, has energy as its source.

When we try to put pictures on things, we have to go through our memory.

Going to the past to “try” and create the future can be tricky - especially if you have a few less-than-stellar results in our memory banks.

What if you could go Beyond your current vision for yourself and tap the quantum field of possibility?

Actually sense the creation points of your future possibilities that are beyond anything you might have imagined for yourself?

Then use the energy you tap into to begin to weave a new tapestry that has no past contracts to counter it?

In this two-hour deep dive you will have a unique experience tapping your future possibilities and learning to weave new platforms from which to leap into your future.

COME PLAY in this NEW field of CREATION!

2 hour live recording

Price: Just $66

PDF + Infusion

Let’s Launch into the Future together!