Beyond Trauma:
An Acoustic Transmission

Have you considered the possibility that what is coming up in you during this time is actually not about what is asking to be healed inside of us?

What if this pandemic is here to help free us from the lack and survival we’ve been carrying on our planet for thousands of years?

Recent events have triggered a level of survival in us that is intense to say the least. I’ve had to dig deep into the tool kit I’ve been amassing for over 25yrs and still it feels so daunting. Day after day we step into the unknown as we watch the familiar disappearing.

We are fast losing our reference points as we look to a future we cannot yet perceive.

What if old wounds, traumas, hurts, and shocks are being triggered in just the perfect way for us to see what we still need to heal?

What if you and I and we could be the key to unlock the paradigm of looping shock and trauma that seems inescapable for ourselves and the planet? And what if this is the perfect storm to do just that?

"I did not know that I was functioning from trauma, until I wasn’t. This process of releasing shock points that I have used on myself has changed my outlook and ability to choose in ways that I could not have imagined. I am more of me than I have ever been. And my awareness and perception has increased as more of me has become available."

Janine Greaves

I have recently been introduced to something that has freed some of the shock and trauma energy than I’ve not been able to get to in any other way before now.

Shock Release is a new model to change the energetics of shock and trauma, developed by Janine and a friend called Theseus (more on him soon).

These tools and energies are used to transform and transmute the shock points of our systems into the natural acoustic wave simply and dynamically.

It takes minutes to release the shock and allow the residue of trauma held in the body and energy systems to dissipate and release.

When these energies are freed all of a sudden you have usable energy you have not been able to access.

This choice point for living a different reality of kindness, creativity and freedom from emotional, mental and physical trauma is available.

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Set Course For Future

• Introduction to Amazing Energies
• The dynamic Being called Theseus
• Clearing of old trauma stories
• Transmission of Shock Release
• Vagus Recalibration Process
• Self Care Kit

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• Deepening and Energy Expansion
• Continued recalibration
• Breath and other body work
• Transmission of Shock Release
• Tools and processes
• Individual facilitation

Beyond Trauma - An Acoustic Transmission

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Beyond Ancestral Trauma: Acoustic Transmission

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Beyond Trauma Bundle

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PART 1 + 2


Will you join us in unlocking the shock and release those "docking clamps" to allow you to voyage where no-one has gone before?



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