Become a Money Whisperer

21 Days to Relate to Money Powerfully

Have you done a lot of money work but it’s still not truly flowing?

You've been working on your money issues, and making progress. More income is coming in. You're not letting money completely dictate your life choices. You're less stressed about the bills.

But you still find yourself reacting when your low bank account balance surprises you.

There are still times where you wonder if you "should" spend the money on that class, that vaca, that ____ (fill in the blank).

Bottom line, it still feels like money has power over influences your moods, limits your choices, you still spend a lot of time hustling for it, and the creation and spending of it preoccupies your mind... often.

Let's get real; You are Your Money's Bitch, not the other way around.

Is it time to change that?

What if you could meet money from a space of your most resourceful self? Not just more powerfully, but from a space of newness? A place where your patterns and history with money weren’t even a reference point.

What do I mean by that? Meeting money from an entirely new place?

Let me explain.

For over 25 years, I have chosen IN to learning the energetic and spiritual dynamics of money, cleared a ton of old patterns, made millions, and coached and taught thousands around their money dynamics.

And guess what? I’m still leaning in AND learning. (The more I know, the more I recognize how much more to know there really is!)

Recently I made a discovery that, because we are infinite beings on a path of radical change to infinity, we MUST meet money from the difference and space we are now… AND the difference and space money is NOW.

I see this often with couples that are working through old patterns in their relationship. They keep looking at their partners from who they WERE, not who they are now!

Are you doing that with money?

We read the books, invest in coaching or classes, but we essentially don’t acknowledge who we are now! OR the choice and consciousness money is, too.

Becoming a Money Whisperer is about creating something dramatically different with money. It’s about acknowledging and receiving the dynamic, infinite energy that is you NOW... and how you relate to the infinitely changing energies money is NOW.

It’s about flowing and following the energy of THAT dance!

Whoah, can you FEEL that possibility!??

What is truly possible from that space of BEING?


This class is for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

💲 Money and money choices create a sense of overwhelm and appear greater than you.

💲 You still have a lot of fear and distrust about money.

💲 You tend to try to control money or feel like it has control over you. (Hint: if money still feels difficult, you’re in a control interlock.)

💲 You avoid looking at your accounts or bills, or you tend to over-think about money.  


In our 21 days together, you will receive:

An initial Zoom called 'Change Your Money Relationship" where we identify and clear your old relationship with money to make space for the NEW you with money.
Daily live recorded content where I will be teaching dynamic universal principles that create radical change now and open space for new possibilities immediately. 15-40 minutes each
Daily money practices to support you in powerfully dancing with money in new, fun and surprising ways.
I will be activating your innate magic with money. (Yup, it’s there.. you might have just overlooked it.)
And, and, and…. (if you know me, you know you always receive more than you bargained for !)
Live recordings of clearings and activations. All content is stored in Kajabi (my online platform) where you will have lifetime access.

Become a Money Whisperer.

I double dog dare you!


Price: $299 USD


Megan Sillito

Growing up on her family farm in Canada, Megan soon discovered she had quite a different perspective on life - to her, it was supposed to be fun and, as soon as she was able, she went out into the world to search for ways to make it so.

Being an innate explorer and experimenter, almost 30 years ago Megan began sticking her finger in every magical, energetic and metaphysical pie she found, building an unprecedented toolbox that has allowed her to create the fun, ease-filled life she always knew was possible - and she's still adding to it.

From REM to Tapping, to Access Consciousness, to Energetic Alchemy, Megan has pretty much done it all, going as far as developing her own tools for creating your personal dream life.

Megan's gift of truly seeing people enables her to create tailor-made facilitations and processes that work, all in a safe, judgment-free space, filled with allowance for your true Self and the invitation and encouragement to always turn the magic and potency on and up.

"My credit score went up 200 points after taking Megan's Clear Your Lack Now call series."

- Brandy N.

"The level of presence and nurturing and allowance that Megan was willing to be for me and for my body is beyond words... so inviting to life, to bloom, to grow, just to embrace whatever is juiciness."

- Aleksandra G.

"Thank you, Megan! Your classes are absolutely life changing"

- Aimee R.