Inner Compass

Access Your Akashic Field,
the Field of Possibilities
and Actualize as if by Magic!
3-part call series

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Accessing the Akashic Records has never been easier then now.


Because, between the spiritual realm (the 5th dimension) and the 3rd dimensional reality we call Earth life is thinner than ever before.

As we begin to collectively look beyond Covid-19, and the intense contraction most of us experienced in one or many forms, many of us are beginning to experience the expansion and possibilities that are starting to emerge.

In life, there’s always the dance of polarity. Death become life, after utter darkness, there’s a dawning of a new day. What was contraction, now opens up into expansion…a rebirth; a chance to soar.

With this time of unrest, and what appears to be chaos in our very streets with the fight for equality, comes huge opportunities on a personal and collective level.

Now is the time to take advantage of the spiritual portal opening for our benefit. What this means for all of us, is that spiritual counsel, insight and new possibilities are waiting for us; like luscious ripe fruit hanging low on the branches.

Isn’t it time to tap into your own awareness and further develop your intuitive gifts by learning how to consistently access your own Akashic record, clearly state your intentions therein, and gain valuable personal insight to changing tough issues you may have been struggling with for years.

Are you being called to pick the low hanging fruit in your own field of possibilities and actualize change that didn’t seem possible even a few months ago?

This is a 3-call series:

The 1st call is designed to open you up to access your personal Akashic record

In the 2nd call you will learn how to take that awareness of your spiritual record into your “Field of Possibilities” where you can become aware of what is available for your life now and in the future.

In the 3rd call you will deepen your learning about the Universal tools around translating energy into inspired action to shift your life. We will connect you to your true essence and from that place move you from conceptualizing to actualizing your deepest desires.

In this potent 3-part call series, Suzanne will:

Lead you through her signature meditative process to give you access to your Akashic Record.

Energetically transmit and anchor the spiritual “address” of the Akashic realm so you can confidently and consistently come back again and again.

Teach you to integrate your Akashic Record and tap into your personal guide team to support you in getting clear answers for your life.

Then Megan will:

Open you up to the space of pure possibility.

From there she will take you on a journey to the field where your unique possibilities await.

Help you embody those potentials and show you simple yet profound ways that you can acknowledge and actualize what you are uniquely designed to create.

Together, Megan and Suzanne will:

Bring your new BEINGness and awareness to a place of true fruition in your life

Invite you to experience a powerful Activation for Actualization

Inspire you to find fun in the creation process especially around choosing into the unknown and taking action that feels easeful

It has been over a year since Megan and Suzanne have co-created together.

If you’ve experienced their potent collective transformational energy in the past then you know not to miss this!

And for those of you new to this dynamic duo, you are in for a treat! We are bringing a collective 30 + years of coaching, magic and transformation to your life.

Can you feel the energy?

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