Have you ever had an amazing idea; like a great story line for your first book, a new kitchen gadget that would revolutionize cooking, a healing center that would help thousands of people, [insert yours here]...?

Only to have that burning idea be put on the back burner. Categorized under the 'one day, some day' tab.

Bringing an idea into fruition can be one of the most challenging things we attempt.

It can move from exciting to overwhelming when we start processing the sheer amount of details, action taking, and resources that need to culminate seamlessly in order to bring our idea to market.

But what if bringing your idea to form could be way more fun and easier than you thought?

What if the methods you learned growing up and in our society as a whole taught you that building a house was full of hard work, massive action, and brick by brick?

What if all of that is poppycock and you could simply dance your creativity into form, seamlessly?

What if the action required was inspired action and felt easy, fluid and on time?

What if you could engage the synchronicity of the universe, (the most powerful co-creative force we have available) and allow your creation to unfold in perfect timing with the right partners and resources?

Does all of that seem too good to be true?

I’d ask you to drop in a bit deeper into your gut, your deeper knowing.

Doesn’t some part of you also know that there's a new way emerging?

That creation on this planet has mostly been done in an arduous, antiquated way because the most powerful force of creation, the intelligence of the universe itself, has been omitted from the process.

In this Provocative 11 day intensive, you will experience what it feels like to allow creation energy to move through you.

You will learn to attune yourself to the whispers of creation as you ride your own wave of creation, moving your idea to form, surprising yourself all along the way.

✔ Overcome your overwhelm by integrating Megan’s signature process, 'Magic Mapping' which directs your energy for the day.

✔ Get 3 Live Recorded group zooms, 1 to get your process launched, 1 to celebrate you as you move on through and an extra 1 thrown in in-between!

✔ Receive daily LIVES full of inspiration and motivation, to seamlessly move you through resistance and jumpstart your day.

✔ Infuse your morning and evening with superpower universal energies designed to open you to the movement of your authentic creative expression!

11 day Online Program



Megan Sillito, CFMW

Megan has launched thousands of people to create meaningful, creative, and lucrative lives and businesses. She organically ignites people’s talents and genius and helps them see where these gifts can engage the world in a profitable way, doing it their way, based on their unique skill set! Using universal principles and her own magic, she playfully introduces you to your “own” map to successful creation and then catalyzes you to turn up the potency required to follow it.

She runs her own global transformation based company. Her signature event Live Your Magic has been in 8 cities and 4 countries. Her favorite pastime is having deep conversations with world changers. She has created hundreds of live and online programs on a wide range of topics, leadership, happiness, prosperity, creativity, organic work flow, and creating conscious business your way!