What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

“Nothing I have ever done before has created the amount of change that your workshop did for me. You surpassed Gary, and Dain by a thousand fold, and the world needs to experience your magic.” – Alejandra C., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

“Time and time again I have witnessed Megan ignite transformation within an individual or a group in the most easeful and FUN way. I often hear feedback that individuals are amazed at the immediacy and depth of their understanding of themselves and their path forward after attending one of her presentations. I get to see behind the scenes and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that Megan truly practices everything she teaches. Before she ever presents a technique, idea, or process, rest assured she has tested it out herself and can personally vouch for it’s transformational value.”
— Tory Raen, Web Consultant, LifeWorks, reported to Megan at LifeWorks

“Megan Sillito is the one you want! If you’re looking to take your professional or personal life to the next level, I recommend Megan is the trainer, teacher and coach for you. I think she’s one of the top facilitators in the country. Her easy-to-use, Body-Centered Coaching revolves around Genius – who you are at your most expanded potential.”
— Nick James, studied with Megan at Accelerate Learning Community

“During a recent career change, I reached a challenging turning point. Some fellow associates suggested a career coach and I was extremely lucky to discover Megan. When it came to “life coaching”, I was skeptical and in a very short time, Megan convinced me that I was right where I needed to be. Megan is a “genius” at coaching her clients bout the endless ways to source creative flow. She teaches her clients how to find/rediscover what motivates them in order to bridge newly discovered creativity into Real-time results .Megan is a terrific facilitator and she is a master at grace and ease when it comes to large group interaction. She is the “real deal” and I have no doubt that Megan is destined for “superstardom”. Thank you, Megan for reintroducing me to my inner genius! I’m eternally grateful.”
— Glenn Smith, former client

“Business owners and people managers, listen up! – this book is gold. Megan and Philip have the gift of making the power of genius accessible and doable. I loved the book and the workshop. Watch for a big boost in productivity and fun if you release the genius factor in yourself and your employees.”
— Michael Deloughery, Executive Vice President: Sensible Security Solutions Inc, Ottawa, Canada

“I feel what you’re up to is the best game in town — and I think you’re the most fun player, most creative referee, most irresistible cheater (by that I mean challenging the old ‘rules’) and overall best coach in the game.”
— Julianna Christie, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Megan’s genius with conscious play is like someone who knows how to use a yo-yo really well, but who doesn’t show off. From the way she plays you learn easily. Be ready, Megan is.”
— Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., A.D.T.R., Author, Seminar Leader

“Megan was able to delve into the most protective, defensive, hurt place inside of me and gently move me into comfort and flow in a way that felt so effortless.”
— Jennifer Blaine, Transformation Coach/Comedian, Philadelphia, PA

“Megan provided me with tools to actually help myself, to change my life, to love myself and to speak my truth. I appreciate the opportunity to play with her. She is a remarkable and gifted guide.”
— Mary Tebbs, Musician