Taste of Magic

Taste of Magic

Welcome Magic Masterclass with Megan Sillito


March 4, 2018 | 3 pm cst | FREE

Consider this your invitation to explore Live Your Magic during this free webinar with Megan Sillito … watch the video and scroll on down to read what attendees are saying about their experience with Live Your Magic. (Oh, and prepare to dance in your seat just a little bit, cause we have way toooo much fun in these events!)


What They’re Saying …

I walked into day 1 of Live Your Magic only knowing what I didn’t want anymore and unable to see or perceive past that. The pain had caged me like a canary in a dark mineshaft, merely counting my days until I fell. Within the first few hours of arriving to ‘class’ I felt a connection to people, life and myself beyond what I was previously capable of. By the last day I had experienced freedom beyond what I could possibly imagine before. My capacity to receive has magnified exponentially on par with the cosmos. The friendships I have formed in such a short time are profoundly loving, empowering, delightfully vulnerable and free. I can’t wait to attend another Live Your Magic!~ Brooke Simpson, Live Your Magic, Bellingham participant

The most powerful thing I walked away with for me, was understanding that MY magic is undefinable and that I have been trying to define it for others my whole life! Now I get to choose to live in it and not to worry about what it looks like to others. I can BE myself and BE my magic and BE ok with that. How did I get so lucky?!! Megan is an amazing facilitator, bringing many gifts to the class, including laughter, play and a belief that you are not limited and is asking you, “Is now the time to choose you?~ Shakti C., Live Your Magic, SLC participant

Nothing I have ever done before has created the amount of change that your workshop did for me. You surpassed Gary, and Dain by a thousand fold, and the world needs to experience your magic.~ Alejandra C., Live Your Magic, SLC participant